This portfolio isn't featured on my resume or my LinkedIn. I will not post this to Facebook. It won't appear after a "Jake Marples" google search. If you're reading this, there are a few distinct possibilities. You're either:


  1. Me

  2. My professor

  3. Someone involved in the Writing Minor

  4. Related to me

  5. My girlfriend

  6. A cyber-terrorist who recently hit rock bottom


While I'm not disclosing my secret crush or the US nuclear launch codes [pertinent to #5/#6 respectively], the private nature of this portfolio provides a very liberating feeling. Until this point, my business school education has molded me into an individual constantly looking over my virtual shoulder. On Facebook, I distance myself from anything remotely political or religious. I don't have a public Twitter or Vine account. Essentially, in my pursuit of a consulting job I did my best to reduce my online persona to the image on the left of the venn diagram. However, as illustrated by the picture of myself trying to browse the internet on a Frosted Flakes box (it's better without context), I'm not a very serious guy. Outside of professional and academic contexts, I'm sarcastic more often than serious. 


But here's the thing: excluding this portfolio and the gateway course, I'd estimate that at least 97% of the last 50,000 words I've written outside of Facebook chat were dead serious. I've approached pretty much every writing and english class like an argumentative robot. And that seems misrepresentative of me as a person. So I've constructed this portfolio as an opportunity to escape my overly-serious style of analytical writing, and express my thoughts without fear of future recruiter judgement.


This portfolio features (1) my capstone project, (2) my writer's evolution essay, and (3) an assortment of other work including spoken word poetry and some powerpoint slides. To facilitate an unhindered writing approach, I've purposely decided not to define or explain every reference, so for those of you in categories 4 or 5 who aren't familiar with things like "gateway", "capstone", or even the show "Last Week Tonight", feel free to get in touch with me. I'd love to chat about anything that's confusing to you! To everyone else reading, enjoy my capstone portfolio!

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How I usually write

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